Phosphorus Mines

⦿ Qujing Zhanyi District Hengwei Mining Co. Ltd, --2×200,000 tons/year

⦿ Huize Longwei Mining Co.,Ltd. -- 500,000 tons/year

⦿ Yiliang Dugeshan -- 500,000 tons/year

Power Stations

⦿ Yunnan Mile Leidatan Co.,Ltd, annual capacity of 108,000 KW

⦿ YunnanXuanwei Phosphorus Electricity Company, annual capacity of 150,000 KW

Yellow Phosphorus

⦿ Yunnan Xuanwei Phosphorus Electricity Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chengxing, has 1,000+ employees with annual P4 capacity of 80,000-90,000 tons.

⦿ Mile has more than 600 employees with annual capacity of over 60,000 tons.

Down-Stream Production Bases

⦿ Jiangyin plant --420,000 tons/year of Phosphoric acid and Phosphates

⦿ Qinzhou plant --300,000 tons/year of Phosphoric acid

Wholesale Service

Chengxing, a listed company is a leading manufacturer of thermal-based phosphate chemicals in Asia. Our P4, phos acid, and phosphates are distributed widely at home and abroad, covering more than 84 countries and regions. We deliver high-quality and any quantity of phosphoric acid and phosphate products to our clients worldwide. You are a distributor, OEM dealer or retailer of phosphoric acid and phosphate products. Feel free to contact us. We welcome big and small orders from you.

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