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  • Dipotassium Phosphate Food Additive

Dipotassium Phosphate Food Additive

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Product Detail

Chemical Formula: K2HPO4

CAS NO.: 7758-11-4

Application: Disodium Phosphate in Food is very common in processed and packaged foods.  The main function of dipotassium phosphate food additive is emulsifier, preservative,flavor enhancer, pH control.

Emulsifier: Emulsifiers have a chemical structure that helps them mix. Disodium phosphate is a helpful emulsifier for dairy products and other foods. Cheese, whipped cream, milk, and other dairy products have unique textures and consistencies because of disodium phosphate.

Preservative:  Both sodium and phosphorus can help extend foods’ shelf life. Some of the first instances of preserving and curing food used salt. Disodium phosphate is also helpful in canning food since it prevents metal from rusting.

Flavor enhancer: Processed foods often have additives that strengthen their flavor and make them more savory. Many foods have sodium-containing additives to enhance their flavor.

PH control: A food’s pH level (or level of acidity) can affect its nutritional value, color, and other characteristics. Canning or using jars can alter foods’ pH levels. Disodium phosphate can help control a food’s pH level throughout the production process.
Some common foods that have disodium phosphate are:
Whipped cream, Cheese, Ice cream, Milk, Yogurt, Seafood, Meat, Pasta, Soda

Packaging: 25kg bag

Quality Standard:

Dipotassium Phosphate Food Additive

Chengxing Phosph-Chemicals is where to buy Dipotassium Phosphate wholesale. We carry food grade Dipotassium Phosphate in bulk and can custom packaging options. As a food additive, dipotassium phosphate is primarily used in imitation dairy products such as dry creamer, mineral supplements, dry powdered beverages, and starter cultures for cheese.
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