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  • Phosphoric Acid Food Grade

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade

Molecular Formula: H3PO4

CAS Number: 7664-38-2

Dangerous Class: 8

Grade: Food Grade

All kinds of Phosphoric Acid : Food Phosphoric Acid, Industry Phosphoric Acid, Polyphosphoric Acid

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Product Detail

Chemical Formula: H3PO4

CAS NO.: 7664-38-2

Application: food phosphoric acid is mainly used in pharmaceutical, sugar, and food industries. In addition to direct consumption in the food industry (sour agents, yeast nutrition agents of food industry such as cola, beer, candy, salad oil, dairy products, etc.), most of the products are used in the production of phosphoric acid food additive, including sodium phosphates, potassium phosphates, calcium phosphates, zinc phosphates, aluminum phosphates, polyphosphate, compound phosphates, etc.

Packaging: 20L/200L HDPE drum, 1000L IBC tank, ISO tank, or bulk.

Quality Standard:

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade

Product Features:

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade

Product Application:

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade

1, Industry.
Used as metal surface treatment agent; stainless steel, aluminum profile, electronic chemical polishing; organic reaction catalyst; refractory additive; activated carbon treatment agent.

2, Food Additive.

It’s widely used as a food additive, flavoring agent, sour agent, pH adjustment, clarifier, nutritional agent etc.

3,  Phosphate Fertilizer.

Used as phosphate raw material products to make fertilizer.

From food additives to cleaners, food phosphoric acid uses are endless. The various grades of concentrated phosphoric acid serve different purposes for different industries. Our phosphoric acid can be divided into food phosphoric acid, industrial phosphoric acid, and polyphosphoric acid. Regardless of the application, quality matters. Chengxing Phosph-Chemicals is a leading food phosphoric acid manufacturer and distributor. We specialize in securing and direct shipping of several phosphate industries, with orders specific to quantity and chemical grade. We are known for supplying only the highest-quality bulk phosphoric acid, looking forward to cooperating with you. 


Phosphoric Acid Food Grade


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